Mock Election Program

The Mock Election Program, which has been offered since 2000, is a result of our commitment to the Help America Vote Act. Reaching over 7,000 students in Jefferson County, this program consists of a presentation detailing the history and meaning of democracy, the history of voting in America, and the importance of one vote. Students then take part in an election with authentic voting equipment that is utilized in actual Jefferson County Elections.

The Mock Election program is the premiere feature of Voter Outreach, Inc., a 501C3 built by the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office and the Board of Elections. This free program is based entirely around voter education and voter awareness; the intent is to inform the youth of Jefferson County about the importance of exercising our civic duties while also detailing the processes involved.

Office Whether it is middle school or high school, public or private, summer camp or youth group, Voter Outreach will send a representative to your location. Not only will the students be given a short lesson in civics (detailing the roots of Democracy, the specifics of elections in America, discussions about key Amendments to our Constitution, and explanations of how the process works in our community), they will be given the opportunity to take part in a Mock Election using actual Jefferson County election equipment. The ballots are authentic, Jefferson County Universal Ballots, used in all Primary and General Elections. The voting booths are the same ones used by registered voters on Election Day. Even the ballot box, known as the AccuVote Machine, is brought onsite and utilized during the Mock Election. Students are then shown how the machine processes the results and how those results are polled.

Mock Elections can be scheduled at any time during the year with the exception of 30 days before and 30 days after a Jefferson County Election (including both Primaries and Generals).

When planning a Mock Election for your students, you dictate the content that appears on the ballot. Whether you’d like to create a replica of the upcoming Kentucky ballot, include certain referendum questions that have been discussed during class, or elect your own class officers, Voter Outreach will work to suit your needs. You will be required to deliver the ballot information to the V.O. representative at least two weeks before the scheduled visit. If there are specific elements of your lesson plan that you would like included in the presentation, inform the administrator about these details and he/she will ensure that those points are present.

The Mock Election Program is intended for grades 5 through 12. The presentation lasts roughly 20 to 25 minutes and is meant for groups comprised of no more than 30 students. If your number exceeds this, we may offer repeat presentations and repeat elections. This option depends on the date requested and the availability of the administrator.