Dear Educators And Parents:

Voter Outreach, Inc. is dedicated to developing responsible and informed voting. We focus on our in-classroom mock election program. This educational outreach program teaches our youth about registering to vote, going to the polls and participating in the democratic process. Students learn how to fill out and cast a ballot with the same equipment used during a real election held here in Jefferson County. Please call to invite a Deputy Clerk to visit your classroom or school to discuss the voting process, explain how to cast a ballot and to participate in a Question & Answer session. The goal of the forty-five minute presentation is to make the election informative, fun and as close to the actual voting experience as possible. Our Deputy Clerk’s are available to assist you in planning your school Election Day whether it is one class, an entire grade or whole school. There is no cost associated with this nonprofit program although the program cannot be offered thirty days prior to or after an official election. You will note on the County Clerk’s website a link to the Voter Outreach website; this will offer you the most current information on voter registration and the candidates. We also post the election results in “real time” on Election Day. I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful to you and your students. We shall continue to encourage patriotism and democracy in the lives of your young citizens!


Bobbie's Message

Bobbie Holsclaw
Jefferson County Clerk